The Fresno Home Show is happy to satisfy the demand for affordable, artisan-based products and unique, hard-to-find items.  The Artisans and Crafters Boutique returns to the Home Show, and it’s better than ever! The “Boutique” is located throughout the show, in each building. Displays will be offering everything from handmade vintage signs, wreaths, garden decor, and hand sewn originals!

Basilwood Farm: It begins in the barn with hand milking our goats in the morning here at the farm, and chilling that milk down to 38 degrees within 45 minutes to maintain its freshness and quality. For the soap and everything else we make, we source the absolute finest raw materials we can find. 

The milk we use for our soap is also the milk we drink and make cheese with, so we are adamant about its quality. Because of our location in the San Joaquin Valley of California, we are fortunate to have one of the premium producers of organic olive oil in the country nearby to use in our soap making. All other natural oils and butters are carefully sourced for the best and most environmentally responsible suppliers.

All of our products are handmade in small batches at the farm, whether they are soap, body butters, scrubs, or anything else we make. Every single thing that goes into our formulations is made with ingredients that we use ourselves. From the overall look of a particular product down to the scents we use for creating different aromatic blends, each detail is carefully considered to provide a sensory experience that is sure to please.

Harper Grayce: Jen Bier's Company sells reclaimed wooden laser cut signs. They have sayings and personal touches like family member's last names. She started the company in 2015 on a whim to make some extra money at the old town flea market and quickly sold out.

 She creates the designs using her computer. Then her husband laser cuts all of the wording with a machine. In her workshop, she sands down the letters and puts the designs on wooden signs. Harper Grayce will be selling her signs at this year's July Home Show!

Kikaboo Creations

Pam Lyra buys products from some of the finest artisans in the Native American communities of New Mexico. Navajo and Zuni pieces are prominent, t You don't run across a lot of turquoise in our area, and I want to change that.  I simply love it, and hope you will too!

Kileen's Garden Boutique was formed in 2015 out of my love for gardening, and my husband's creative eye and wood working skills.  I saw an idea in a magazine to make a "living birdhouse", and asked my husband if he can make one.  He said "No problem, I can do that for you!"  He created several birdhouses and I planted the roof with succulents ~ they were beautiful!  We were planning our wedding and I asked if he can make the word "LOVE" to go on our arbor.  I planted them with succulents  and they were the perfect accent for our rustic backdrop.

This was the beginning of Kileen's Garden Boutique!  We have added other shapes to our collection, and also create custom flower pots, fountains planted with succulents, inspirational plaques, and planters.  We offer "Planting Parties" where guests get to choose a project and have help planting, and we also do wedding arrangements.  We recently moved to Clovis in the country and have room to expand and do what we love!

Anna Lindsey’s Sewing Basket is a small cottage business in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Over the years Anna has sewed, knitted crocheted and dabbled in many other crafts, making things for her family and friends. Her time was always limited, yet now that she is retired she has time to do her favorite pastimes.  Thus, with the encouragement of family and friends she has chosen to continue to share her love of handmade items by producing clothing and items to share with you, your families and friends! You are important to her and want to make items that you are happy with and will treasure as HANDMADE FOR YOU!

Shop Second Nature Design for unique one of a kind home show decor items. Some items you can restore yourself or take advantage of Second Nature's Design and buy one of her creations!

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Aprons By Pam - Pam is a retired schoolteacher who makes homemade aprons for adults and children. She also makes nursing covers for new mothers and gift a variety of bags…Handmade – high quality – beautiful. These will make  wonderful Christmas Gifts!

Yellow Duckie Design from Madera will be showing off her hand sewn baby blankets and clothes at this year's July Show! These little cuties will make wonderful shower gifts for the new mom!

Craig Henderson of Fresno California is a retired United States Marine and the owner and operator of SHOWNPRIDE.  Specializing is framed suede art decor, unique, elegant and custom pieces for all occasions.  I've been creating suede art for the past year.  

How this all got started: A life long friend purchased a home and asked if I could create a few pieces. Since that, I have worked on several other projects.  Recently I have established online selling at https://SHOWNPRIDE.ETSY.COM as well as on that I am retired, I spend many hours of my days creating new pieces.  I have found the measurement of success. "Success is one Smile at a Time."