The Central Valley Art of Landscape Competition was introduced back in 1999 to showcase the skill and craftsmanship offered by the Central Valley Landscapers.  The Competition grew to 6600 square feet of landscapes in 2010, with 11 participants! After a 6 year hiatus, we brought back our 12th Annual Competition in 2017!

We are now accepting applications for the 2018 Competition! See below for qualifications and feel free to contact us for more information! 800-897-7899 or

Belmont Nurseries will be offering plants, shrubs and trees, these are free of charge to use as long as they are brought back in good condition.


Rosenbalm Rockery will provide hardscape materials. Items provided will require specific return policies that apply to the contestants of the event. Contact the Rockery for details. 559-256-3900


A-G Sod Company will donate bermuda drought tolerant sod for displays. Sod may be discarded at the end of event.

The 13th Annual CVAL Competition will be at the 33rd Annual Fresno Home & Garden Show, March 2,3,4, at the Fresno Fairgrounds. Judging will take place on Friday, March 2 between 8:00 am -10:00 am.  Landscapers may drop off product Friday, February 23rd.  Work on the CVAL Displays may start on Monday February 26th at 6:00 am around the clock until Friday morning at 8:00 am.

CVAL Requirements: 

To participate:

1). Signed contract

2). Drawing/blueprints detailing and locating all of the below required elements.

3). $300 deposit on credit card. The $300 Deposit will not be put on credit card unless there is a cancellation. This is to minimize any cancels that may happen once we start advertising your company as a participant.

4). Contractor License: All participants must be licensed and in good standing with state. 

To Qualify for the Competition you will need the following:

A). Each landscaper will have 600 square feet of space where you can draw up your own shape. Must fit in a 20x30 space.

B). include drought tolerant sod or native grass. You may feature astro turf but will need to showcase other options like drought tolerant sod or native grass (homeowners want to see options).

C). 200 square feet of hardscape

D). include boulders and/or rocks

E). minimum 100 square feet of planting and/or flowers that are all drought tolerant.

F). 1 structure (of any size, style, or material.)

G). 1 art object or sculpture

H). minimum of 6 landscape lights and/or landscape lighting throughout.

The competition will be held in the outside alongside the Tiny House Village! CVAL will be under a large 60x200 tent. There will be a height restriction.

There will be a panel of judges that evaluate each landscape on Friday March 2nd. Each drawing/blueprint that is submitted will be reviewed by Ron Nishinaka who will also be present during set up to insure all requirements are legit and are met. The criteria is as follows:

-Creation of an inviting space/overall aesthetic quality

-use of non-plant material

-use of plant material

-variety within the space (color, texture, shape)

-incorporation of man-made structure(s) within the design (does integration of man-made forms complement the space)

-Balance (not symmetry) the distribution of landscape elements/visual weight on either side of the center of interest)

-Proportion (all elements are in perspective to the total presentation)


To promote your company we will need:

-Company Logo

-Photos: can be 'before and after' or mature landscapes you have created.

-Company Bio: Brief history of company/contractor and what type of landscapes are your specialty. The sooner we receive marketing information the sooner we cans tart marketing your company!

Sign Up for CVAL Today! Call 800-897-7899