Tom & Sandra Kaye of Your Home Remodeling & Design has the perfect solution to make your life easier when it comes to your Pets!

Come see the latest trends that incorporate your pet needs into your home design.  Add a pet station in your bathroom, laundryroom or kitchen remodel.  A bath/grooming station in your laundry room, a feeding nook in your kitchen, a sleeping cubby tucked under a staircase, and so much more!  Come find out all the latest and exciting ideas for your next remodel project.  

Providing comforts within your home for your family and pets, add convenience and simplify your lifestyle.  Hire the experts to design for your lifestyle and convenience as well as your pets!  

Your Home Remodeling & Design: A Reliable General Contractor That You Can Trust

Tom Kaye got started in this line of work when he was young by working for his father's model home interior design company in Chicago. While attending college, an opportunity arose that allowed him to sell home furnishings to many young and ambitious interior designers in the area. Through his dedication and perseverance, he was hired for a position as the president of a company that sold and installed window coverings in Fresno, California. He and his wife, Sandra, an accomplished interior designer, ultimately decided to go into business for themselves by combining their respective areas of expertise and experience into Your Home Remodeling & Design. Tom became a general contractor and professional builder in order to serve local clients who need to remodel or finish their homes. You can contact Tom & Sandra at and/or 559-277-1234