We are very proud to welcome back The Master Gardeners and their popular Gardening Seminar series (located in the Garden Pavilion - south end of the fairgrounds, near the Butler Entrance). Attend one of their seminars and have them help you with any plant problems or questions. They specialize in those issues that most concern Valley gardeners, i.e., water conservation, sun-loving plants, etc.


Friday, March 2


11:00am      How to choose and lay the correct Synthetic Grass for your yard Synthetic Grass Warehouse

12:00pm     All About Citrus by Master Gardener Maggie Boyagian Courtis

Learn everything you need to know about growing citrus in your home garden.  Choosing a variety that you will love, where to purchase, planting, fertilizing, pruning, watering and pest management will be discussed.

 1:00pm       Rose Pruning, Not Rocket Science! by Master Gardeners Sue Kendall & Joan Jones

Let's have some fun and spend time with our National Flower, the Rose.  Learn hands-on how to prune, which is what people fear the most in growing roses.  General rose selection and care will be discussed.

 2:30pm       Useful Herbs in a Low Water Garden by Master Gardener Robbie Cranch

Herbs, those useful plants, can be the backbone of your landscaping or special herb garden.  Many originate in Mediterranean climate zones, making them some of the best choices for low water gardens.  Learn herb growth habits and needs, and best variety picks for our area.

4:00pm       Lawns & Groundcover in a Drought by Master Gardener Susan Stiltz

Lawns can still be a viable component of Central Valley landscapes by choosing appropriate species, and carefully considering size, placement and irrigation.  There are many attractive ground covers that can also play an important role in creating a cool and welcoming landscape.

 5:00pm       Don't Leave Your Garden 'Home Alone' - Get It Vacation-Ready by Master Gardener Becky        Maldonado

Our yards and gardens are major investments.  Is your garden ready to be home alone while you vacation?  Prepare for your absence by learning to make simple adjustments to irrigation, re-position containers for shade, and mulch.  Also, learn tips local law enforcement suggest for keeping your home and garden safe in your absence.

Saturday, March 3

 11:00am     Small Space Gardening by Master Gardener Marcia Rosenberg

Some of us are downsizing.  Developers are providing smaller yards.  Apartments and condos limit our gardening space.  Get some ideas about what to do in our small spaces.  Learn how to design a show stopper in your small space and how to "trick" the eye into "seeing" it bigger than it is.

 12:30pm     Vegetables for Your Garden and Table by Master Gardener Ani Chamichian

Learn about interesting and tasty vegetables you can grow in your very own kitchen garden and enjoy that fresh from the garden experience as you feast upon your bounty.  Ani will share how and when to plant and nurture them until harvest.  Growing vegetables from seed and achieving year-round crop production will be discussed.

 2:00pm       Curing and Processing Olives by Master Gardeners Marie Antoniou & Michael Harman

Valley olives are justly famous for their tasty flavors.  Learn to cure olives for use during the winter months using several methods, including lye-cured, Greek salt-cured, and Greek cracked olives.

 3:30pm       Invasive Pests in the Landscape by Master Gardeners Tim Sullivan & Roz Tampone

Everyone needs to do their part to prevent invasive pests from coming into their gardens and landscapes.  The Asian Citrus Psyllid, which destroyed much of Florida's citrus groves, has been found in Fresno County; while the Western Pine Beetle is devastating our mountain communities.  Come and learn about these and other pests in our backyards.

 4:30pm       Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes by Master Gardener Rose Pipkin

Tomatoes are one of everyone’s favorite summer garden vegetables!  Master Gardener tomato guru, Rose, will share the pitfalls and promises, best varieties and successful growing practices, and dealing with pests and diseases.  Plus, learn what to do with your bountiful crop!

11:00am      How to choose and lay the correct Synthetic Grass for your yard Synthetic Grass Warehouse


Sunday, March 4

 11:00am     The Joy of Growing Herbs & Veggies in Containers by Master Gardener Sharon Rossi

 Growing your herbs and vegetables in containers is the fun and decorative solution to many of the gardening problems you may face: poor soil, soil-borne pests, small yard, limited sunshine and water, plus difficulties bending,  stretching, kneeling, and walking over uneven surfaces.  Learn how to grow a productive and low maintenance edibles garden with year-round production and beauty, right outside your kitchen door!

 12:30pm     Iris and Companion Planting by Master Gardener Pat Caffrey

Learn the basics for companion planting with irises, and how to maintain these beautiful, easy-care plants.  You will also learn how to dig, divide, and replant your iris rhizomes.

 2:00pm       Composting Boot Camp by Master Gardener Dan Schara

 Six easy steps to backyard composting will be explained.  Learn how to turn leaves, grass clippings and kitchen waste into pure gold to nourish your garden soil.  Your plants will thank you!

3:30pm       Easy Topiary for Your Home or Garden  by Master Gardener Joanie Finch

Learn the best plants to use for topiary in our climate, the easiest shapes to train, and everything you need to know about topiary care.  Joanie has been growing topiary at her nursery in Friant for over 30 years.  She will show you how to create fun and beautiful tabletop and garden topiary to enhance your home and garden.

11:00am      How to choose and lay the correct Synthetic Grass for your yard Synthetic Grass Warehouse