Home Automation, Make Your Home A Smart One!

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Home automation allows you to control devices from your smartphone or tablet – sometimes through a hub with an internet connection and sometimes directly through an app. See the new smart products listed below at the show and let Interstate Lighting demonstrate how a Smart Home can work in your home!

This is awesome! Interstate Lighting carries the Kuna Smart Security Light. This product aims to prevent break-ins before they happen! the light detects visitors to your door, sends smart notifications to your phone and allows you to view a live stream as well as start a conversation with a two-way intercom.

Tape Lighting!

This is where everything is going! See how LED Tape lighting through out your home will give it that warm glow it is now lacking.

LED tape lighting beautifully accents any residential application, adding a sophisticated and classy look. With today’s advanced technology, lighting can be placed in literally any corner of any room. Whether you need color-changing lighting or super-bright illumination, LED tape lighting provides the perfect LED setup for you. LED tape lighting can be installed just about anywhere, which is one of the major benefits in choosing our versatile product.

The large can lights are no longer the way to go in spot lighting. Instead these ultra can-less can lights are becoming quite popular.


Replace out dated light fixtures with recessed lighting! Interstate Lighting sells kits to convert any existing light to recessed lighting or if you prefer you can convert can lighting to a pendant, fan or other light!