The 3rd Annual Place of Taste focuses on the finer foods of Life! The scent of Micro Breweries, Fine Cheese and Coffee will fill up this venue, enhancing your shopping experience as you find that perfect gift for someone special - or for yourself!  Explore "the flavors of the Central Valley"; local chocolates, craft breweries, olive oil, nuts, and cheese are just a few of the goodies that will take the spotlight. Shop, Sample and Enjoy! Located in Building 6.

Below are our 2017 participants, stay tuned for the 2018 list!

Great Local Beer! The 559 Local sponsors The Place of Taste!

The 559 Local Tasting Room is located at 608 4th Street in Old Town Clovis. They are the first microbrewery in Clovis so it seemed a perfect extension of the brewery to also open the first tasting room.  559 Local features eight beers on tap for you to sample; enjoy a pint or two and then take home a bottle. They are family owned and operated, producing unique craft beers.  Visit with them while at the show, or call 559-473-1875 for more information.   

* Two Cities Coffee Roasters -

"Two Cities Coffee Roasters is a family-owned wholesale & retail coffee roastery in Clovis, CA. We freshly roast all specialty-grade, 100% Arabica, organic, fair trade & relationship-sourced coffee beans. We give a portion of the proceeds from every bag of coffee you purchase from us to help send medical supplies & clinics to communities in need around the world. In addition, we handcraft artisan coffee drinks, teas, & more through our mobile coffee bar for private, public, community, and business events, as well as weddings, in the Central Valley and surrounding areas. We also participate in local farmers markets and have gift options & coffee bean subscriptions available. For more info., visit , call us at (559)260-0271, email us at , and follow us on Facebook & Instagram. Come by our booth to taste a specialty brewed sample of our fresh roasted coffees and pick up a bag of coffee beans to brew at home.

          -- the Two Cities Coffee Roasters team"

* California Balsamic -

California Balsamic is a unique line, inspired by flavors from around the world. Their premium quality is fine tuned through sampling, customer feedback and culinary creativity. Products feature the finest fruit essential oils, rice bran oil and 25 star balsamic from Modena, Italy – a custom balsamic made with an exceptionally high quality grape that enhance flavor and texture.  The sugars found in balsamic vinegar are a natural sugar from the grapes.  No processed sugar is added to any of their products.  Call 707-463-2646 for more order information.

* Golden State Snacks -

We started Golden State Snacks in 2012 because we believed that people were becoming more health conscious and were looking for quality "Health Snacks" at local Street Festivals and Farmer's Markets.  All of our items are sourced from Central Valley farms, fruit and food companies to help support our local economy.  Then we hand-pack our goodies weekly to provide the freshest possible product.  Order today for quick shipment directly to your door or check out our events page to see where you can visit us in person.
We sincerely appreciate your support and hope that you enjoy your Golden State Snacks!
Mike and Becky

* Grizzly Joe's BBQ Seasoning -

Starting with just one recipe, “Original Gourmet”, Grizzly Joe’s has expanded and now includes four other blends in their line up - Trail Dust, Tequila Lime, Chipotle and California Dreamin. Each blend has it's own unique and different flavor. One thing you will not find at GJ is mass produced cookie cutter seasonings. Call 909-561-9982 for more information.

* Sierra Nut House / Sierra Harvest Grains -

The Sierra Nut House opened it's doors in the Autumn of 1969, on the family almond ranch in Clovis, California, and has been providing the best of California Central Valley products for 45 years! Their mission has always been to obtain and stock the finest, highest quality nuts, dried fruits, candies, chocolates, seeds, grains, wines, cheeses, coffees and assorted gourmet products available. They offer conveniently wrapped gift packages and an assortment of baskets and gift boxes for custom-designed gifts, using your choice of Sierra Nut House products. Call the main office at 800-397-NUTS (800-397-6887) for more info.

Molucca Chocolate -

Craft chocolate makers from bean-to-bar located in Fresno/Clovis, California. They roast, crack, winnow, juice, conch and temper their chocolate in a very small batch. Their artisan approach is designed to highlight the unique flavor of the cacao bean and preserve the health benefits found in cacao. Molucca crafts single origin dark chocolate from beans sourced at above Fair Trade Price to ensure sustainability and better living conditions of the small holder framers at the county of origin. Taste the purity of just two ingredients: cocoa and sugar. Call 559-289-1861 for more information.

* Papa Joe's Spicy Products -

Honesty, integrity, respect and family values are the spice of life at Papa Joe's Spicy Food Products. A passion to create spicy foods paired with a penchant for quality, 100% American-made products are sure to please the palate of epicurean enthusiasts, foodies, and families alike. Try Papa Joe’s line of products atop cheese, glaze meats for a uniquely Latino flair that blends new and old or add them to your favorite food to kick it up a notch. Perfect for wine pairings, picnics, snacks and family dinners.

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 12.15.18 PM.png

* Sam's Club -

Sam's Club will be located in this year's Place of Taste giving out samples of tasty snacks. Be sure to stop by and see what the latest treats will be hitting the market in 2017. You will also have the opportunity to become a member of Sam's Club!

* Tweeties Smokin' Salsa -

Ten Years ago my mother began a journey that would put her creation on the map. Although it was held to the township of Shaver Lake, CA., Tweetie's Smokin Salsa was a hit that would set the stage for her passion of profecting her recipe. She had big ideas for her product and even began talking to processing plants to figure out how much and how long it would take her to get the salsa into the stores. Sadly in 2007 the world lost a wonderful lady but her memories have lived on in those who had the pleasure of knowing her and shared her dream. Through courageous efforts of continuing her legacy, her other love (Husband and Dad) Jim Oliver spent many hours recreating her recipes for the local resturants, family and friends. Whether it was a mild version for the weak at heart or the wilder side for those who loved the habaneros, he continued her labor of love for all to enjoy. Finally after so many years of dedication and love, Tweetie's Smokin Salsa is going to be available know simply as her gift "From Tweeite to You".

Ninik Natural Foods

Ninik Natural Foods with amazing brittles and other gourmet protein snacks that you can’t find anywhere. All products made in a small batch, hand crafted and very unique. Please get some free sample of thin, nutty, buttery and delicious brittles. They are 8 different variety of brittles: Peanut, Sun Flower seeds, Sesame Seeds, Cashew, Pecan, Almond, Walnut, snd Pumpkin Seeds brittle. Also try two other delicious snacks made from mung beans. Mung Bean Crackers and Mung Bean Crunch (Better than granola), super healthy snack, high in protein and fiber .