Gourmet Foods to Sample and Buy!

New! A Place of Taste! We are proud to introduce a new feature that will focus on the finer foods of life! The scent of Micro Breweries, Fine Cheeses and Coffee will fill up this venue, enhancing your shopping experience as you find that perfect gift for someone special or for yourself! Explore "the flavors" the Place of Taste has to offer; chocolates, olive oils, seasonings, and so much more!

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Sweet Izzy's Cupcakes & Confections: One of my favorite things to do is to taste different desserts from various bakeries. I adore admiring the gorgeous cakes and desserts, but find myself being disappointed after taking the first bite. I expect if it looks that good, it should taste that good! That’s why Sweet Izzy’s Cupcakes and Confections was created. I wanted to create desserts that were not only beautiful, but tasted wonderful. I wanted the full experience of eating something decadent to be amazing. We offer desserts that are not only appealing to the eye, but to the palate, as well. Your mouth will water with every bite! See Sweet Izzy's at the year's Fall Home Improvement Show!

Hinkle's Honey offers our delicious Valley Blend which comes straight from our hives.  Our honey is never superheated , never filtered or strained and no flavoring is ever added.   Our bee's are located in several locations in and around Fresno .  When we extract our honey, we extract from all of our location around town and it is all blended into the same tank, which creates our delicious valley blend.    We are a family owned and operated business.  We do everything from the bee's to the bottling ourselves.

Grizzly Joe's All Natural Seasonings. No Msg and gluten free! During the 20 plus years that I was a butcher, I havealways made my own seasoning blends for friends and family.After several years I decided to go ahead a try selling them to the public. At first I thought it would be something fun to do as a hobby, although, I always wondered how the public would receive it. So in November of 2000, I created "Grizzly Joe's Seasoning." I had one blend, my "Original Gourmet," which was a personal recipe that I created myself . 

WOW! I was amazed by the response. Our Demos, Events and Roadshows have been fantastic! The past few years I have added 5 other blends to my line, they are; Trail Dust, Tequila Lime, Chipotle ,California Dreamin and my newest blend "Keepin' It Groovy", each blend has it's own unique and different flavor.

Rosenthal Olive Ranch is a 4th generation farming family. Our ranch consists of two varietals of olives, a Spanish olive called Arbosana and a Greek olive called Koroneiki as well as Thompson seedless and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Our olives are cold pressed to ensure the highest quality oil and are bottled in dark green bottles to preserve the freshness and delicious taste of each varietal’s unique flavor profile. In 2012, our Arbosana won a Gold Medal from the California Olive Oil Council. Since 2012 our olive oils have received high recognition and many Silver and Gold medals from the Olive Oil industry. We encourage you to look below to see what they have done in the most recent years. Since the launch of Rosenthal Olive Ranch in 2009, you can be confident that we have strived to produce the highest quality of olive oil for even the most discerning palate. 

Papa Joe's Spicy Products is Spicy with Flavor! Honesty, integrity, respect and family values are the spice of life at Papa Joe's Spicy Food Products. A passion to create spicy foods paired with a penchant for quality, 100% American-made products are sure to please the palate of epicurean enthusiasts, foodies, and families alike.

Try Papa Joe’s line of products atop cheese, glaze meats for a uniquely Latino flair that blends new and old or add them to your favorite food to kick it up a notch. Perfect for wine pairings, picnics, snacks and family dinners.

Renegade Snacks, Home of the Rebel Raisin! We are proud to announce the launchof our company with a line of flavored raisins we’re sure you’ll love.  A wonderful productwith an innovative way of flavoring it.  As we move forward, we will continue to bring you new and different flavors and ways of utilizing our product. We invite you to join our journey! 

Renegade Snacks is a family owned company dedicated to providing you, our customers, with high quality snack products.

Smokehouse Woods was started by husband & wife team, Greg & Kellie. In 2013, after several years of making this sauce for friends and family and rarely having any left for themselves, Kellie decided she needed her kitchen back & Greg needed some bbq sauce for their own family bbqs. It was at that time, they decided to take the plunge and have the sauce made by a local co-packer. They paid careful attention to making sure their co-packer used the highest quality ingredients, as well as keeping true to the recipe & keeping the ingredients simple, with no artificial ingredients of any kind & no high fructose corn syrup!  They love to share with family & friends, and selling at local farmer's markets & festivals in California, gaining new fans at each & every event! They get help with their teenage children, sharing their love for bbqing & uniquely flavored Whispering Heat BBQ Sauce, while meeting new people & making new friends, all over the Central Valley and California.

Two Cities Coffee Roasters is a family-run business, birthed out of a desire to change the world, and a love for everything coffee, of course! We wanted to find a way to fund missions work, and coffee was one of several solutions. What we never expected was that our little coffee experiment would evolve into what is now known as Two Cities Coffee Roasters. We loved coffee. We loved people. We loved telling people about coffee. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.12.01 PM.png

So we thought we'd give roasting a shot, and it worked! After hours of research, we started by roasting single pounds of green coffee beans on the stove and selling them to friends. It started catching on, and soon we found the need to expand our operations. Late nights; many, many cups of coffee; and several hundreds of hours later, we built our first, professional coffee roaster by hand. This very roaster we now take weekly to Farmers Markets in and around our hometown of Clovis, CA.

We love selling our coffee to the businessman who needs that strong boost of caffeine in the morning, the coffee connoisseur looking for his next great find, the coffee shop owner looking to provide the most exciting cup of coffee she can concoct, the college student who needs to stay awake for his next big exam, and the tea drinker who we will most definitely convert...eventually! 

Miners Mix was founded in early 2009 by Kit and Dave, both of whom are KCBS-certified competition BBQ judges. 

Miners Mix reflects those old-time days with products that actually could have been produced way back then, before the advent of food chemistry that gave to us artificial ingredients, colors, and flavor enhancers. The spice and seasoning blends are our own recipes. They are all 100% natural and represent the end result of decades of standing over charcoal grills tending all kinds of meats, in all kinds of weather, be it wind, rain or snow and sometimes all three simultaneously.

Molokai Craft Chocolate is all Natural! We scour the remote islands of Indonesia to find the cacao beans from naturally grown trees where pesticides and chemical fertilizer are not even available.

Molucca works directly with the chocolate farmers who grow and harvest the cacao trees by applying the natural methods equivalent to certified organic practices.

We make a small batch at a time, starting with roasting, cracking and winnowing the get the cacao nibs in a very controlled setup to ensure we get the right quality we want. Adding only natural ingredients and no preservatives, each small batch is crafted to perfection!