The Tiny House Village is onto it's 3rd Annual at the 2018 Fresno Home & Garden Show. Located next to the Central Valley Landscape Competition on the south side of the facility,  you will have plenty of time to view the latest trend in housing! Show goers will be able to explore a whole neighborhood of "tiny houses" and see what it's like to manage living in less than 400 square feet! Check out these unique, streamlined houses. Could this be the perfect compact kingdom to call home? Will you join the tiny house movement or stick with wide-open spaces? You may be surprised at the creature comforts offered in a limited living area...take a look!

This should be the news story on the airwaves right now. "The City of Fresno, California, allows property owners to subsidize mortgages by utilizing tiny houses as rental properties." In effect the city counsel and mayor of Fresno have rewritten the zoning laws specifically to allow Tiny Houses on wheels. This is a huge precedent! It is very different from other municipalities that have carved out specific areas where Tiny Houses are allowed. This rule allows property owners to relieve some stress from large mortgages and at the same time, allowing lower income individuals and families a pathway to living in better neighborhoods. The draw back is nominal and the payoff is a healthier society.

2017 Participants: (2018 Participants will be listed soon!)

Tiny Mountain Houses 

An open vista unfolds before you as the pine scented air whips through your hair. You sit on top of a mountain with a hot cup of coffee planning your next hike. The thing that you don’t have to worry about is home; it’s already there. Offering rustic designs as well as modern homes, Tiny Mountain Houses has something to suit everyone’s needs. As a young company, located near Salem, Oregon, they have an eagerness to jump into new projects, offering flexibility and openness to the customer’s input. They pay attention to detail in the structural and functional aspects of the home, so their tiny houses will withstand the bumps and winds of the highway, while looking like a million bucks! They work with single-level and lofted floor plans, and incorporate a wide array of great design features to make your new house a truly comfortable home - and remain committed to affordability without sacrificing quality. DISCOVER YOUR ADVENTURE WITH TINY MOUNTAIN HOUSES! Call 503-949-8329 for more information.

Rewild Homes

Rewild Homes was started to fill a niche and support a movement of living simply, using less, and doing more. Our compact, high-quality, portable cabins are built on Vancouver Island using locally sourced materials. We are simple, sustainable, and specialized.

Patrick started Rewild Homes out of a dedication to sustainable living and a knack for forward thinking. He grew up in Nova Scotia and studied environmental sciences in Newfoundland and forestry in New Brunswick before packing up his bags and travelling to the other side of the country. After landing in Nanaimo to study resource management at Vancouver Island University, Patrick spent his summers managing a remote fishing lodge in Bamfield and the rest of the year building homes with a contracting company in town before taking the leap and starting Rewild Homes.

Sierra Tiny Houses

Sierra Tiny Houses is a Northern California and Northern Nevada tiny house builder.  From backyard cottages to tiny houses on wheels, we offer a variety of solutions to meet your budget and your lifestyle. Whether you want to buy a new custom home you can call your own, or you just want to make a little extra income by renting your cottage out on Airbnb, we have something to meet your needs. For the do-it-yourselfer, we even offer unfinished shells that you can complete yourself.

Oasis Tiny Homes

Oasis Tiny Homes is a new company formed by brothers David and Chris Dailey. They are licensed California contractors, specializing in custom home building and renovation for over 30 years. The brothers first became interested in tiny homes a couple years ago. Attending the 2016 Fresno Home Show and seeing tiny homebuilders work inspired them to combine their years of experience and connections to create and develop their own tiny home designs. The tiny house they are bringing to the show is loaded – the doors are solid core, the sheeting is oversized for strength, and all significant fasten points are strapped and screwed. The attention to detail is evident throughout. The exposed beam ceiling and generous use of wood creates warm and inviting rooms. The interior space is extraordinary for a house of this size. The city of Fresno has taken the initiative to create a tiny house friendly city and is proving to be a trendsetter for the tiny house community. 

Tiny House Village sponsored by Highlands Energy

The experts with Highlands Energy are the sponsors of Tiny House Village! They would like to help you reduce or think "tiny" about your energy bill by adding solar to your home. Their mission is to provide effective energy solutions that make an immediate impact on the comfort and bottom-line for your home!

While at the show, visit with them in the More Exhibits Building, #7, or call 559-470-9599 for more information. 

Belmont Nursery to landscape Tiny House Village

Located on Central California’s popular Blossom Trail, Belmont Nursery has established a long tradition of quality dating back to the early 1940’s. Originally founded by Vic and Ruby Palmer, this small family nursery has grown in size and territory. Current owners Jon and Connie Reelhorn have been at the helm since 2001, bringing a new energy and life to an already successful operation.

As a California Certified Garden Center, Belmont Nursery employs 9 CCN Professionals to assist you in your landscape needs. They offer a “We Plan – You Plant” Design Consultation Service which is tailored to your specific property and project. Whether your project is a remodel or new construction, Belmont can assist you with a creative landscape design that will work for you. Be sure to stop by their outside location during the home show, or call 559-255-6645.