The Fresno Home Show is happy to satisfy the demand for affordable, artisan-based products and unique, hard-to-find items.  The Artisans and Crafters Boutique returns to the Home Show, and it’s better than ever! The “Boutique” is located throughout the show, in each building. Displays will be offering everything from handmade vintage signs, wreaths, garden decor, and hand sewn originals!

Basilwood Farm: It begins in the barn with hand milking our goats in the morning here at the farm, and chilling that milk down to 38 degrees within 45 minutes to maintain its freshness and quality. For the soap and everything else we make, we source the absolute finest raw materials we can find. 

The milk we use for our soap is also the milk we drink and make cheese with, so we are adamant about its quality. Because of our location in the San Joaquin Valley of California, we are fortunate to have one of the premium producers of organic olive oil in the country nearby to use in our soap making. All other natural oils and butters are carefully sourced for the best and most environmentally responsible suppliers.

All of our products are handmade in small batches at the farm, whether they are soap, body butters, scrubs, or anything else we make. Every single thing that goes into our formulations is made with ingredients that we use ourselves. From the overall look of a particular product down to the scents we use for creating different aromatic blends, each detail is carefully considered to provide a sensory experience that is sure to please.