We're proud to welcome back a fantastic floriculture feature, a variety of Flower Shows! The Violet Society, Cactus Society, Bonsai Society and The Orchid Society will be displayng beautiful bloomed flowers that will be judged! Be sure to view this colorful event and to shop and some items are for sale!

The Central California African Violet Society
Like many plants, African violets have changed a great deal from their original wild form, with five-pedaled flowers in blue or white. These plants regularly come up with changes to flower or leaf, so that the violet world is often surprised by something new and different. Pink blooms, extra petals, variegated leaves, and ruffled edges are just some of the exciting changes over the decades. This ever-expanding variety contributes to their popularity, since there’s no predicting what might come next.

The Central California African Violet Society meets on the third Monday of every month (except June, July and December), and sponsors an annual show, judged according to the standards of the African Violet Society of America by AVSA judges, to showcase the wide range and beauty of this family. The show is divided into two main sections. In the horticultural division, the blooming plants are judged on the shape of the plant and quality of bloom. In this area, we also include classes for gesneriads, “cousins” from the wider family. The second is the design division, where blossoms or even whole plants are used in flower arrangements. This year’s theme is “Violets on the Grand Tour,” incorporating the scenic locales of a world vacation.

Classes will also be offered during the Home Show. One class that catches the interest of many visitors is our “project plant” class. In the spring, the club orders a number of young violets of the same variety. Members buy the plants, and take them home to grow, each in their own way. During the year, members report during the club meetings on their plant’s progress (or, occasionally, demise!) At the show, these plants (which started out nearly identical) are all set side by side, and the differences are always interesting, and sometimes amazing.

We love to discuss our plants, and welcome questions at the show and at our meetings. We will have many lovely plants for sale as well, so please come visit with us. 

Friday, March 2*
4:00 p.m. – Violet repotting and growing success information as well as question and answer opportunities.
Saturday, March 3*
4:00 p.m. – Violet repotting and growing success information as well as question and answer opportunities.
Sunday, March 4*
11:00 a.m. – Violet repotting and growing success information as well as question and answer opportunities.

*Members of the society are happy to demonstrate repotting techniques at any time of the show, if you are unable to be at the scheduled demonstration time.

Contact info: Email: fresnoviolets@gmail.com Website: www.fresnoviolets.org  Phone: (559) 260-9233 (Teri) or (559) 906-7366 (Lola)

The Fresno Bonsai Society
The Fresno Bonsai Society is a friendly group of hobbyists whose mission is to bring the beauty of this art form to the Fresno Community and to teach and improve their own skills.  The society meets at the Fresno City College Horticulture Laboratory on the second Saturday of each month.  The FBS cordially invites anyone interested in learning more to join us.  The Society will expand public awareness of Bonsai culture by presenting a larger Bonsai Display showing all types of trees and styles. Bonsai trees, pre-bonsai plants, and accessories will be sold at the sales booth. Bonsai Club members will conduct mini demonstrations during the show to explain various techniques of Bonsai creation. Many trees may be available for sale at the Fresno Bonsai Society booth. For more information on Bonsai in our area visit fresnobonsaisociety.com  

Demonstrations will be conducted:

Friday, March 2 - 12:00 & 3:00

Saturday, March 3 - 11:00, 2:00 & 4:00

Sunday, March 4 - 1:00

The Central California Orchid Society
The Orchid Society was established as a way for fellow enthusiasts to pursue and share their passion for orchids. Their mission is to help new hobbyists further their knowledge and appreciation of this wonderful and exotic hobby.   Orchid Demonstrations on repotting, mounting care & culture will be going on throughout the day!

Cacti and Succulent Society
Cacti and succulents are becoming increasingly popular with gardeners and collectors. These plants exhibit a wide range of sizes, shapes and leaf colors. Some are grown for their flowers, others for their shape and form. Some are very small and slow growing, while others can be spectacularly large and bizarre. This diversity makes them valuable for landscaping and container growing. The home gardener can find varieties that will thrive in their conditions, no matter the temperature range and exposure.

Members of the Fresno Cactus and Succulent Society will be exhibiting some of their specimen plants at the Home & Garden Show. The society is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of cacti and succulents, the preservation of their natural habitats and to their propagation and distribution. Recent programs have concerned the cacti of Baja California, constructing outdoor growing beds, and the rare succulents of Madagascar.  Members and visitors can enjoy guest speakers, some of whom bring unusual plants for sale. The club also has a large reference library, sponsors field trips and garden tours, and holds a monthly workshop. Meetings are on the 1st Thursday of the month at the DHHSC, 5340 N. Fresno St. For more information, check the club website: www.fresnocss.org.

Iris photo.jpg

Fresno Iris Society - The Fresno Iris Society is a member of a nationwide organization that was established in 1927. It is dedicated to the understanding of the Iris, and offers education via meeting and their website, www.fresnoirissociety.org. In the spring of 1967, John and Fran Weiler planned an informal afternoon get-together at their home garden for people who liked irises.  At the time, John was a biology professor teaching botany at Fresno State University and a hybridizer of iris.  
    On October 1, 1967 the Weilers held another meeting with the intent on bringing together as many like minded people as possible.  This could best be accomplished by forming a society, to conduct meetings with programs about planting, soils, fertilizers, diseases, hybridizing, selecting newer varieties and many other topics of common interest since there were no local clubs where iris fanciers could meet. Temporary officers were selected at this meeting.  The first official meeting was held November 7, 1967 at Fresno State. 
    In 1981, Fresno State’s 10,000-plant iris garden was opened to the public for viewing with 350 labeled commercial varieties registered with AIS and more than 9,000 seedlings by John Weiler in a 25-year breeding program.