We are very proud to welcome back The Master Gardeners and their popular Gardening Seminar series (located in the Garden Pavilion - south end of the fairgrounds, near the Butler Entrance). Attend one of their seminars and have them help you with any plant problems or questions. They specialize in those issues that most concern Valley gardeners, i.e., water conservation, sun-loving plants, etc.


Friday, March 2

12:00pm     Growing and Pruning Roses by Master Gardener Sue Kendall

Learn from the master! Sue will share how to select the best roses for your garden and how to prune them to get the best blooms.

 1:30pm       Hypertufa! Say What?? by Master Gardeners Melanie Sarkisian  & Roz Tampone

Why struggle to find the perfect plant container when you can create your own work of art? Hypertufa pots have a coarse stone appearance and with their porous texture they make great containers for plants.  Other unique shapes can be made too!  Learn how to make your own at home.

 3:00pm       The Magic of Mulch by Master Gardener Timothy Sullivan

Learn about the amazing benefits of mulch.  Mulch helps your garden conserve moisture, prevent weeds and most importantly improve soil.  Tips on different types of mulch and how to apply it will be discussed.  You will also learn the amazing source of free mulch!

4:30pm       Aesthetic Pruning by Master Gardener Dawn Truelsen

With its foundation in Japanese garden pruning, bonsai and arboriculture, aesthetic pruning incorporates visual art and design principles to the pruning of small trees and shrubs in the landscape.  You will learn how aesthetic pruning can be applied to your home garden.        

 Saturday, March 3

 11:00am     Edible Flowers by Master Gardener Sharon Matson

Want to liven up your fruit salad?  Add crunch and color to that green salad?  Learn what flowers you have in your garden that are edible, beautiful and delicious!

 12:30pm     Moonlight Gardening by Master Gardener Marcia Rosenberg

Focusing on developing a Moonlight Garden - a garden which can be seen after dark.  Garden lighting to enhance this type of garden will be discussed.  Information on how to design a moonlight garden and a list of appropriate plants, including plants that are fragrant at night will be included.      

 2:00pm       Soils & How to Manage Them by Master Gardener Michael Harman

Sand, clay, or hard pan, which one is in your yard?  Learn about your options for improving them while conserving water and still enjoy a healthy landscape.  The basics of composting will also be discussed.

 3:30pm       Poisonous Plants!!  by Master Gardener Robbie Cranch

Did you know more than 500 species of poisonous plants grow in the U.S.?  Learn which ones grow here and how to manage them.  Super detective, Robbie, will hone your identification skills.  .

 4:30pm        Vegetable Gardening Basics by Master Gardeners John Mincks  & Gwen Olshove

Learn how to start a veggie garden from scratch.  Where, when, and how to plant will be discussed.  Then grow some goodness in your garden to enjoy.  Homegrown is the best!

Sunday, March 4

11:00am       Bonsai As An Art Form by Bonsai Society President David Soho

                        History, horticulture and artistic elements presentation; the fascinating draw of Bonsai as an art form.

12:30pm     Kitchen Garden Delights by Master Gardener Ani Chamichian

Move over tomatoes and zucchinis! It's time to discover new and tasty vegetable varieties for your dining pleasure.  Learn how to grow from seed for a year-round crop to enjoy!

 2:00pm       Container Gardening by Master Gardener Roz Tampone

 Have you ever thought of your garden as a stage productions, with you being the director?  Your garden may be a small side yard or a big expanse.  No matter what size, containers can be among your most versatile planters.  Come and learn how to use containers in creative ways!

3:30pm       For the Love of Ivy by Master Gardener Joanie Finch

Ivy is beautiful and fun to grow.  Learn about the different varieties and how to care for them.  Joanie will also teach you how to use them to make topiaries.  She will show you how to create a design to grace your patio or garden.