If you would like to order any furnishings, and/or electrical services, please review the attached Lightswest document. In order to provide you with advanced discount pricing, order forms must received 10 days prior to date of the first show day with payment in full. All check payments must be received with completed order form. For your convenience LW accepts Visa or MasterCard. 

If you are not able to complete your order prior to the show, you may place your order at our service desk during exhibitor load-in. Payment must be made at the time the order is placed. There will be a limited amount of furnishings available at the show site. Orders placed at the show site are on a first come first show basis, so colors and sizes cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended that you pre-order your furnishings in order to receive the equipment you prefer and insure a smooth load-in.

Absolutely no Velcro, staples, glue, wire or other damaging devices will be allowed on any draperies or poles belonging to LB Lights West.

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