As you stroll through the Flowers Shows located in The Garden Pavilion (Bldg.9) be sure to shop the companies hosting garden and home decor items located at the front of the building. This is a new addition to The Garden Pavilion and one we expect to grow each spring!

The Art of Margaret Hudson celebrates the living creatures of our planet. Inspired by her life-long love of nature her sculptures speak with the joyous simplicity of nature. Sculpted from local clay they remind us that all creatures, large and small, are formed of the same earth.  At Earth Arts Studios, Margaret’s original designs are hand sculpted by skilled artisans using her original materials and techniques.

Lorina’s Edible Garden: Our 4th generation farming family truly loves the ground we farm on. We are so blessed to be able to wake up in the morning and witness God's creation all around us. The flowers, herbs, orchard and animals remind us everyday of these miracles. Our mission is to share our love of farming through our handcrafted products and interactions with our supporters!


High Rise Gardens will debut their new garden product for people who have small spaces!

The garden space can be attached to any window…use it for herbs, flowers and/or cactus gardens.