Located in Building #4

We are featuring the Display Show House at our 29th Annual Remodeling and Decorating Show! Rooms designed with today's lifestyle in mind.  Connect with the experts and and see what the Contractors, Builders and Designers will be showcasing in their rooms!  Walk through Kitchens, Bathrooms, Family Room, a multi purpose and transitional Game Room, Outdoor Kitchen and Patio Oasis, Bedroom and even a Walk in Closet!  From walls, flooring, appliances, doors, furniture and so much more! Come see what our vendors are most excited to showcase and share with you!   If you want to see and experience what the latest trends are for homes and our ever-changing lifestyles, you need to come check out the Show House.  You will be amazed at all the effort and work that goes into creating this unique show feature!  Walk through and experience the creativity of the experts!

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Your Home Remodeling . Since 1990, Sandra and Tom have provided the Design-Build experience, which combines their vast interior design knowledge, architecture/engineering, and construction under one roof!   As our name states, we have always designed, “YOUR HOUSE” to become “YOUR HOME