Be sure to take some time and stroll through the Pet Expo, You’ll be able to talk with everyone from veterinary experts to therapy dog organizations and shop for awesome pet accessories. There will also be pet adoptions going on throughout the weekend! These merchants, offering a variety of pet-related products and services, are all gathered under one roof, so it’s easy to discover what is new and exciting in the pet world for 2019. The Pet Expo will be located in Building #5 right next to the successful "Meet The Maker-Sample Craft Spirits" Feature!

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Power Paws non-slip dog socks help keep dogs from slipping on floors, give traction to senior dogs and dogs with hip dysplasia or arthritis, protect paws from heat, snow, or allergens and help keep paws wounds clean. Available in 13 sizes across 2 foot shapes to ensure a great fit for ALL dogs.

Power Paws make movement easier, increasing your dog’s confidence and quality of life. Here’s how some of our customers use Power Paws:

Power Paws give senior dogs, particularly those with mobility issues like hip dysplasia or canine arthritis, extra traction. You may need just two socks for the back or use on all four paws. Woodrow himself used Power Paws for traction needs related to canine arthritis, and many of our customers’ dogs do, too. Age isn’t a factor in slippery floors. Young and old alike fear the shiny, slippery floors. Power Paws provide confidence and stability on hardwood, tile, and even linoleum. For this use, put Power Paws on all four of your dog’s paws.

Woodrow Wear was founded nine years ago to help people and pets. We're based in San Jose, California. With fires to our north and south last month, we felt surrounded and overwhelmed by the need to help injured pets. We've decided to donate our Power Paws (socks) to the veterinarians and organizations actively working with the animals right now. Our product is helping to heal, warm, and comfort injured and scared pets all over the state! With help from pet lovers everywhere, have been able to send over 900 sets. We can do more with your help.