The latest trend in housing! Shoppers will be able to experience several "Tiny Houses" and the latest trend, "Container Homes"!  See what it's like to manage living in less than 400 square feet! Check out these unique, streamlined houses. Could this be the perfect compact kingdom to call home? Will you join the tiny house movement or stick with wide-open spaces? You may be surprised at the creature comforts offered in a limited living area...take a look!

This should be the news story on the airwaves right now. "The City of Fresno, California, allows property owners to subsidize mortgages by utilizing tiny houses as rental properties." In effect the city counsel and mayor of Fresno have rewritten the zoning laws specifically to allow Tiny Houses on wheels. This is a huge precedent! It is very different from other municipalities that have carved out specific areas where Tiny Houses are allowed. This rule allows property owners to relieve some stress from large mortgages and at the same time, allowing lower income individuals and families a pathway to living in better neighborhoods. The draw back is nominal and the payoff is a healthier society.

2018 Participants:

California Tiny House, Inc. is a custom tiny home construction company. Every custom tiny home is designed and built in Fresno, CA. We are a true family owned and operated business with 7 members of the Mosley family involved in the company. We are known all over the world for having superior build quality and spacious/ livable designs. We have been featured on national television and many local news and radio stations. We are deep rooted in our community and have been working hand in hand with High Schools’ CTE programs statewide to add tiny house building as curriculum in their schools. We offer many different products besides fully custom homes. We offer bare tiny house foundations, DIY Certified plans with video instructions, partial built homes and expert advice. We proudly serve more west coast tiny house clients than any other builder in the world. 

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Tiny Idahomes offer start-to-finish solutions for your custom RV or tiny home on wheels project AND full design services. They are a Family owned and operated business and perform all levels of RV building.
From start-to-finish, for every project, including full design services, tiny house plans and expert advise focused on your new tiny home construction.
Tiny Idahomes guarantee high-quality construction for each and every project. Check out samples of their recent work, and you'll agree that they're the best choice for your tiny house project.

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Family Kabins - Schmidt Builders Inc. builds Tiny Houses and Camping Cabins as well as arbors, gazebos, decks and log furniture. Family owned and operated, Family Kabins provide each customer with personal attention and committed to your complete satisfaction.


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The Caravan by Oasis Tiny Homes

Oasis Tiny Homes custom builds spacious and functional tiny homes in Fresno, Ca. They offer The Caravan, the original Oasis tiny home, focused on loft living natural light and wood finishes. The Caravan is only one design that Oasis offers and may be showcasing a different Tiny Home at the Show!



Seabreeze Tiny Homes, local to Fresno, offers experience as the founder has been designing and constructing custom vehicles for more than 40 years with 14 of those years dedicated to vehicles for tours and musicians. In addition, he has built mobile kitchens for companies like Pizza Hut, Tim Horton's and Burger King. They have a commitment to stylish and comfortable tiny homes.

Photos represent the Tiny House Seabreeze will be having at this year's home show!

TAYNR Container Home Builder - fabricates new structures out of recycled shipping containers; tiny homes, secondary dwellings, single and multi family homes.

Shipping container homes are the hallmarks of architectural innovation.  Be it a home, office, or a palace, shipping containers are inexpensive and durable buildings for residential, commercial or industrial use.

  • Storage containers can stand superior in the face of building codes.
  • Since they are originally built for transport, they can be easily moved when they need to be.
  • They can withstand practically any extreme weather, such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes

Tiny SMART House is a custom tiny house builder out of Albany, Oregon. Part of the company's mission is to help facilitate people to go tiny however works for them, they are fully licensed and certified to build RV travel trailers, park models, residential homes, prefabricated homes and accessory dwelling units (ADUs). They are proud to offer a variety of services (in addition to fully finished tiny houses) depending on clients' needs, including plans alone, design services and construction documents, or a partially finished home such as a shell. Their pride and joy is the "Build-It-Yourself" program, which takes place annually at their shop. Let them help you make your tiny dreams come true!

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Live the dream in 60 days or less with Shipping Container Home Builder!  It's a new way to live..creating inexpensive homes out of recycle shipping containers that allow you to be debt free and live the life you've always dreamed of! See Shipping Container Home Builder at this year's spring home show!

Belmont Nursery to landscape Tiny House Village

Located on Central California’s popular Blossom Trail, Belmont Nursery has established a long tradition of quality dating back to the early 1940’s. Originally founded by Vic and Ruby Palmer, this small family nursery has grown in size and territory. Current owners Jon and Connie Reelhorn have been at the helm since 2001, bringing a new energy and life to an already successful operation.

As a California Certified Garden Center, Belmont Nursery employs 9 CCN Professionals to assist you in your landscape needs. They offer a “We Plan – You Plant” Design Consultation Service which is tailored to your specific property and project. Whether your project is a remodel or new construction, Belmont can assist you with a creative landscape design that will work for you. Be sure to stop by their outside location during the home show, or call 559-255-6645.