Fresno leads the way in legalizing Tiny Houses in backyards! "The City of Fresno, California, allows property owners to subsidize mortgages by utilizing tiny houses as rental properties." In effect the city counsel and mayor of Fresno have rewritten the zoning laws specifically to allow Tiny Houses on wheels. This is a huge precedent! It is very different from other municipalities that have carved out specific areas where Tiny Houses are allowed. This rule allows property owners to relieve some stress from large mortgages and at the same time, allowing lower income individuals and families a pathway to living in better neighborhoods. The draw back is nominal and the payoff is a healthier society.

The latest trend in housing!

Shoppers will be able to experience several "Tiny Houses"!  See what it's like to manage living in less than 400 square feet! Check out these unique, streamlined houses. Could this be the perfect compact kingdom to call home? Will you join the tiny house movement or stick with wide-open spaces? You may be surprised at the creature comforts offered in a limited living area...take a look and see what Tiny Living is all about!

2019 Participants:

PACIFICA TINY HOMES has been awarded the NOAH certificate of Featured Builder for the month of December 2018!

Pacifica Tiny Homes is a family business, that consists of skilled contractors and  plumbers that have been in their respective professions for 15+ years. The tiny houses are designed by Josue, and are built with the help of his father and brother, along with family and friends.

Our mission at Pacifica Tiny Homes, is to create quality tiny houses at an affordable price. Due to the housing crisis and increasing rent, particularly in the Bay Area, we know that housing is limited and it is difficult to buy homes. A tiny house provides the opportunity to be independent and own your own piece of property. In this ever growing world, we also see a need for people to want to simplify their lives to get rid of unnecessary stressors, and a tiny home provides just that

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ESCAPE TRAVELER For the past 25 years we have been designing and building award winning Tiny homes.  Rather than feeling small, dark and cramped, our designs are based on light and a feeling of openness and space. Since 2014, all of our units have been hand-crafted in our own RVIA Inspected plant and are designed for extreme climates including heavy snow, brutal cold and searing heat.  Common features in our units include panoramic windows, full kitchens, large bathrooms, large first floor bedrooms, washer/dryers, plenty of storage, full climate control, LED lighting and Off grid options. Click here for testimonials. We deliver directly to customers nationwide using our own trucks & factory reps and our on-site warranty is second to none.

There are now privately owned units from Miami to Seattle, New England to San Diego and most points in between.  There are units on multiple islands in Hawaii.  We thank the hundred of owners who have chosen ESCAPE including those that are using units as rentals or allow others to visit and explore.

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Tiny Town Custom Homes (TTCH) is a small family business that custom designs and builds tiny houses.  We work together with homeowners to realize their dream of aesthetics and function.  Our goal is to learn about how homeowners see themselves in their space, what options and amenities they value and how we can get them where they want to be within their budget.  We know budget is important and every last dollar counts.  Hey, we get it!  We want to maximize time and materials to do something very special for you!

We want to work with you and your family in a way that is most convenient for you.  We would love to initially talk with you over the phone to get a sense of what you're looking for and what your expectations and budget are.  We would then love to set up a time to meet to exchange ideas and talk about details in person.  If you reside out of state or if it's just simply more convenient we would love to work via email, text and/or Skype.  After all, we work for you!  

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Farm Hill Tiny Homes LLC is built on an unwavering commitment to excellence. With a background of 30 years, Design/Build, hands-on craftsmanship, your Farm Hill Tiny Home on Wheels (THOW), will be ready for any adventure. Live your dream, from traveling across the country, to being perched on your favorite mountain top. Need an Accessory Dwelling Unit(ADU)? We build to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Dedicated to uncompromising standards of quality. NOAH Certified.

California Tiny House, Inc. is a true family owned and operated business with 8 members of the Mosley Family involved. Every member of the family brings their own unique skill set to the business which has helped propel it to one of the top Tiny House Builders in the the nation.  We opened our doors in Fresno, CA in 2014 and have built dozens Tiny Homes since. We are a one stop shop for custom homes. We build and design all of our homes in house, and are hands on every step of the way. We strongly believe in honesty and forming relationships with our clients to ensure their tiny house experience is amazing, from the start of the design till many years in later. We are also on the forefront of tiny house legalization and legislature in which we have been a part of some of the most groundbreaking tiny house bills to date. We are strong advocates for Tiny House construction as an educational tool within schools. We have partnered with CTE and ROP programs throughout the state of California to bring Tiny House curriculum to dozens of high schools, which is growing every year. We believe tiny houses are the perfect solution to breathe life back into these programs that have nearly been lost. We absolutely love what we do and how amazing it is to build for clients excited to go tiny!!

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The Family Kabins team takes great pride in providing creative projects featuring unique log construction. Family Tiny Houses are built using quality materials and fine craftsmanship, They are designed to be lived in for a lifetime and passed on to future generations. A number of floor plans are available. We would be pleased to review any designs that you have in mind. Any cabin floor plan can be built with log or conventional construction depending on the ammenities desired. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your project. The Family Kabins team takes great pride in providing creative projects featuring unique log construction.
Family owned and operated, we provide each customer with personal attention, and each member of Family Kabins is committed to your complete satisfaction. Each Tiny House is permanent. Several plans are available for your project. Because we build from the ground up, we are able to consider designs you have in mind.
Cabins are built from solid milled logs. We cut the log lengths and construct the cabin on your property. Usually cabins are built using tongue and groove logs, milled in Montana. The D log is flat on the interior and rounded on the exterior. Other log profiles are also offered. See you at the show!

Belmont Nursery to landscape Tiny House Village

Located on Central California’s popular Blossom Trail, Belmont Nursery has established a long tradition of quality dating back to the early 1940’s. Originally founded by Vic and Ruby Palmer, this small family nursery has grown in size and territory. Current owners Jon and Connie Reelhorn have been at the helm since 2001, bringing a new energy and life to an already successful operation.

As a California Certified Garden Center, Belmont Nursery employs 9 CCN Professionals to assist you in your landscape needs. They offer a “We Plan – You Plant” Design Consultation Service which is tailored to your specific property and project. Whether your project is a remodel or new construction, Belmont can assist you with a creative landscape design that will work for you. Be sure to stop by their outside location during the home show, or call 559-255-6645.