Artisans and Crafters beautify a home and personalize it. We encourage merchants who have a specialty in creating beautiful objects to apply to participate in Fresno Home Shows. We respect the time and effort it goes into creating handmade items and offer special pricing to participate in our home events. 

Following are the guidelines that we have in place:

1) If you are interested, send 3 to 4 photos of your product to us.
2) The person who makes the item(s) must work the booth all three days of the event.
3) The items have to be hand made.
4) Work with a Fresno Home Show rep to confirm your location in the show.
5) Artists and Crafter Booth Costs:

 Fresno Home and Garden Show, $450;

Fresno Home Remodeling and Decorating Show: $200

Fresno Fall Home Improvement Show: $200. These prices are for 10x10, inline booths.

If you are interested and feel that you qualify, please contact us at 800-897-7899.