Here are the Fire Marshall Guidelines for the Fresno Home Shows. For complete rules and regulations please call: 800-897-7899

Checklist for fire & safety requirements for exhibit space, booth, trailer or tent *All fabric or pliable canopy covers, side/back drops and decorative material must be fire resistive or treated.

*Electrical extension cords shall be of the heavy-duty, three-wire (grounded), hard-usage type.

*Each booth utilizing cooking shall have a minimum 241OBC rated portable fire extinguisher. All fire extinguishers must be serviced by a SFM licensed company with a service tag attached.

The fire extinguishers must be mounted or secured so that they will not fall over, and must be visible and accessible.

*Inside vehicle displays must have battery terminals disconnected. Vehicle fuel tanks shall be no more than half filled and the gas cap must be locked or taped.

*No open flames. 
*No blocking or obstruction of exits. 
*No blocking of fire hydrants. 
*No blocking of fire extinguishers. 
*No blocking of standpipe and fire hose cabinets.

This list is not all-inclusive. For questions or concerns on fire safety, see the 
State Fire Marshall website: or call 916-445-8550.

If you have a problem contacting the State Fire Marshall, please call Fresno Home Shows, 800-897-7899.