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Question - "Dear Experts - I have damaged my wood floor. It is a composite material. What can I do to repair the hole? Thanks."
Response: The only way to successfully patch the floor where it doesn't show is to use some left over material to patch in. If there is none available, it will take a refinish person to do the entire floor.
Lee Horwitz, A&M Flooring/Carpet, 559-448-1000

Question - "Dear Experts...I have vertical blinds that have a couple of slats that have broken at the hole at the top that holds it in place. I've used duct tape and a hole punch to repair them, but the sun eventually releases the tape and they fall.  Is there a fix for this?  THANKS".   Dwayne

1st Response:
Replacement slats can be ordered at relatively low cost, or you can trim all the slats and punch new holes with a single hole punch tool.  
Ray Deatherage, Budget Blinds (559) 360-7000 | (559) 351-1634 cell

2nd Response:
There is a fix.  You can purchase a small metal part that fits over the top, so you won’t have to replace the whole blind.  Thanks for asking.  
Your Home Remodeling and Design, (559) 277-1234   (559) 284-3623