Wicked Harvest Pistachio Bourbon Whiskey What differentiates our product is that the aged bourbon is finished with whole pistachios in used wine barrels.  “Finished” as opposed to “Flavored” is what we believe will distinguish us in the world of spirits.  We envision this bourbon as an excellent ingredient in craft cocktails as well as straight up and neat. Proof that finishing an aged Kentucky Bourbon with pistachios creates a smooth taste and long finish. Wicked Harvest creates a top shelf product with a unique flavor profile created by an amazing aged Kentucky Bourbon, fantastic green pistachios, and quality used wine barrels. Your pallet will be awakened with an enticingly balanced finish. 

Loch & Union Distilling Co. - The centerpiece of our distillery, our stills, our pride and joy! They were fully custom-built in Germany from Colin’s designs by CARL, who have been crafting copper stills for over 145 years and are recognized in the industry for making the finest stills in the world. Their unique design gives us extreme control over every aspect of the distillation process, allowing us to fine-tune the spirit with just the right flavors and characteristics. These functional pieces of art are truly one-of-a-kind.