Reedley Lumber Window Center presents:

Black Trimmed Windows by Andersen!

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 11.43.18 AM.png

Black windows have recently gained popularity and become a common trend in many modern homes and the new re-imagined farmhouse. Shop Reedley Lumber, an Andersen Window dealer, at this year’s Fresno Home Remodeling & Decorating Show for the look that compliments your style! Be sure to check out Reedley’s display located in Building #4.

Black windows pair well with the full spectrum of colors. Black interiors elevate windows into works of art, framing the outside view the way a mat frames a painting. Contrasting black windows with light-colored walls can help anchor a room and contribute to a polished, sophisticated space by adding depth and creating a focused visual impact. Using black windows with white trim is a simple and effective way to provide an ideal contrast and counterweight to the exterior of your home. Black windows can also add a dramatic tone to your interior and demand attention when paired with light-colored walls and furniture in kitchens and living rooms.