The 3rd Annual Place of Taste focuses on the finer foods of Life! The scent of Coffee and Fine Chocolate will fill up this venue, enhancing your shopping experience as you find that perfect gift for someone special - or for yourself!  Explore "the flavors of the Central Valley"; local chocolates, olive & balsamic oils, nuts, and honey are just a few of the goodies that will take the spotlight. Shop, Sample and Enjoy! Located in Building 6.

There are over 52 Gourmet Food Companies throughout the show, here are a few that will be there:

P.O.P. Candy Company

Bread and Butter

Munch n Grub

Miner’s Mix

Golden State Snacks

Solis Brand

Ooooby-Out of Your Own Backyards

Ghost Scream

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Two Cities Coffee Roasters is a family-owned wholesale & retail coffee roastery in Clovis, CA. They freshly roast all specialty-grade, 100% Arabica, organic, fair trade & relationship-sourced coffee beans.  A portion of the proceeds from every bag of coffee you purchase from them is given to help send medical supplies to clinics in communities in need around the world. Shop their booth and taste a specialty brewed sample of their fresh roasted coffees and purchase a bag of coffee beans to brew at home!

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California Balsamic is a unique line, inspired by flavors from around the world. Their premium quality is fine tuned through sampling, customer feedback and culinary creativity. Products feature the finest fruit essential oils, rice bran oil and 25 star balsamic from Modena, Italy – a custom balsamic made with an exceptionally high quality grape that enhance flavor and texture.  The sugars found in balsamic vinegar are a natural sugar from the grapes.  No processed sugar is added to any of their products.  Call 707-463-2646 for more order information.

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Hinkle's Honey sells only raw honey, which is better for you than store bought honey. Their honey is NEVER superheated, which destroys all the enzymes and natural nutrients. Hinkle's Honey is NEVER filtered, their honey contains all the natural pollens. More than 75% of honey that you find in your local grocery store doesn't even contain honey!

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Inspired by my sons, Raphael and Rio, Raphio Chocolate was born from a desire to promote healthy real chocolates to other parents or anyone, for that matter, so their children or loved ones can also enjoy pure dark chocolate. Not candy, just healthy. My mission is to make and sell only what I prefer feeding my own children. The simplicity of the ingredients used to make this real chocolate is what keeps me believing that food is the healthiest when they are minimally processed. And that’s what I do: make chocolate from scratch, from cacao beans to goodness.Come shop our booth at the Fresno Home Show and experience the difference you can taste!

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Jars of Delicious is just what it sound like! Yummy, locally made, custom made jams, jellies, fruit butters, pie fillings and fresh canned fruit. Be sure to shop their booth at the Place of Taste!

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That’s what it takes. And lots of ‘em. In just two years, Smokin’ Mary Smoked Bloody Mary Mix has brought fresh, whole, ripe tomatoes—never reconstituted tomato juice—and a hint of smoke to people
nationwide. Focusing on consumer awareness, Smokin’ Mary has covered the country, bringing this award winning mixer to over 100 festivals and food shows. And with recognition building, so is in-store presence.
Smokin’ Mary is now in over 40 retail outlets, selling over 50,000 bottles. But how good is it really?
So good, that when a total amateur put Smokin’ Mary up against professional bartender's renowned Bloody Mary Mix-Down—the Smokin’g Mary cocktail finished in the top three. Not bad for a fresh tomato.