I have been a participate in the Fresno Shows a couple times and have been very impressed.  Thousands of attendees from all over the State of CA have walked through our Tiny Houses and we continue to receive calls from them. Fresno Shows does an excellent job in organizing the Tiny House Village/Expo  and managing the traffic flow.  Fresno is THEE place to show off your Tiny House as it was the very first city in the nation to legalize them.  I would highly recommend Fresno Shows for show casing your Tiny House.

-Nick Mosley from CA Tiny House / VP of Tiny House Association

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Just wanted to drop in and say Thank You!. The Fresno Home Remodeling & Decorating Show was the best show to date for Gourmet Roasted Nuts. I truly appreciate the opportunity and the entire “Team Fresno”. I know now what it is like to “sell out” wow, that was a first. The placement next to the stage proved to be a great success. Again thank you for the great opportunity and consideration. WE are looking forward to the Fall Show.


Terry Burke 
Gourmet Roasted Nuts
Almonds, Cashews & Pecans ”

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“I have been attending Fresno Home Shows for over 10 years with only wonderful experiences. The staff is always helpful and efficient and a pleasure to work with. Also in my business, selling consumer goods, I have found that my business generally keeps getting better and not just at the Spring Show but also the shows in July and November. 

Best shows in Central California and I would recommend them to any vendor.

Dave Bernstein
NW New Era
Cajun & Aussie Foods
Hammerstahl Cutlery

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“The Fresno Home and Garden Show was the very first show we did for our new business selling Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and Grill Sauces. In speaking with the show promoters we knew that this was an exceptional show, having a long production history and average attendance of about 30,000 people; our excitement and anticipation was high!!!

When we got there the night before we were very concerned to see where the venue was located within city of Fresno, and were certain this was a show we should not be participating in; we could not imagine this being a show that would produce any revenue for us. The next day we spoke with several people to learn first hand about this show, and were desperate to hear some encouraging news. Those we spoke with assured us that even though the area looks “rough”, the show would bring in people from all over the valley (as far as Modesto) and that the attendance could easily reach 30,000. They said it would be an “amazing” show and that we shouldn’t be concerned! 

We were not disappointed, as all three days exceeded our expectations!!! The Fresno Home and Garden Show had an amazing turnout with consumers ready and excited to buy. It is definitely a “must attend” for anyone wanting to participate in a home show; we definitely got our moneys worth! Thanks very much and see you next year!!!”

— Rob Ladue, CEO and Owner Of The Pallet Wal

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“In Nov 2015 we made one of the best business decisions by securing a booth at the Fresno Fall Home Improvement show! In just 20 minutes on the first show day, we sold enough product to pay for the booth, and secure a booth for the Fresno Home and Garden Show in March 2016! We are so excited to be part of these annual events in Fresno. Not only are we able to reach out to folks that may not heard of us, we are also able to network with other vendors. We will continue to be part of the shows for years to come, and are happy to be part of something that brings our community together,( and it doesn’t hurt our bottom line either!) Thank you to the Fresno Home Shows!”

— Kevin and Jennifer Large, Beautiwood Unfinished Furniture

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““We made a commitment in 2014 to participate in the Fresno Home Show event. Since then we have developed a great relationship with the Team at Fresno Shows. For the past two years the leads from the shows have generated 30-40% of our annual sales volume. Where else can you be seen by thousands of people over three days? Thank you Fresno Shows.”

Jason Peters
Quick Bath - President
559-365-6542 Office
559-272-3206 Fax

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“Hi Laurie, I will tell you that the home show booth is how we built our business. we started twenty years ago. I think our very first show was in 1996. We have a lot of clients who come back to the show to find us or just to let us know there’s still happy with everything we have done for them in their homes. I think because we are there for every show have not missed 1 in 20 years people know we’re not going anywhere therefore they ask us questions and we do the best we can to answer all of them. The home show is the only advertising i ever do any more. Hope this helps you out thank you for the opportunity to let others know how good the home show is even through all the bad years we still did the home show and it came through for us. ”

— Pam Poole Enticing Interiors Faux Finishing

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“We participate in several home shows throughout California, We couldn’t imagine not participating at any Fresno Shows. In fact our costumer expect us and looks forward to visiting our booth at all Fresno Home and Garden Shows. The staff is 100% too notch, helpful, and accommodating. Advertisement is some of the best we have seen for any home show.

Sid & Nicole Chacon, Vino & Bling”

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“Hi Rob here. 
I just want to say thank you to you and the staff for giving us so much visibility exposure and love. We were truly blessed by your generous marketing of our company and the promoting our product.

I genuinely believe this will launch our company into bigger and greater success because we took the chance to attend as an exhibitor to the home show, and you all did the rest. The support you gave our company was above and beyond and you all need to be thanked for that...!!! We appreciate everything you did and how many times you went out of your way to take care of us thank you so much!!”

— Rob Ladue, Pallet Wall

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“We look forward to all three of the Fresno Home Shows each year. They are with out a doubt the most cost affective way to market, build brand recognition and most importantly get in-front of customers who are ready to spend. The setup and design of the show is always perfect ensuring awesome visibility for our business. It always seems like the Fresno Home Show Team is doing something new and exciting to attract more visitors and promote our businesses. We would do one every month if we could!!!”

— Paul Schultheis, Owner WATERLESS GRASS & GREENS

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We couldn’t be happier with our experience at the Home Show! Honestly, it was a bit of a risk for us, since we had never done one before, so we didn’t know what to expect. But over 20% of our new business this year has been from the show! We were surprised at how many qualified buyers were there. 

The show staff are some of the most professional people to work with. Everything is streamlined and on time! We really value our experience with the team and we’ll be back for sure. If you’re trying to grow your business, the Home Show needs to be in your marketing plan. ”

— Shawn J Meyer, Owner naturalcarepest.com

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“Hi Laurie, 
As a local family owned and operated small business, participating in the Fresno Home Shows has been one of the best advertising decisions we have made. We have found invaluable exposure to our customer base by simply setting up a booth and having them come to us. It allows us to quickly establish a relationship and hear the needs and thoughts on their window projects. We may not have the advertising dollars to do big TV spots or billboards, but meeting our customers face to face gives us the opportunity to share our vision of serving the Central Valley with excellent energy efficient windows along with outstanding installation and customer service. ”

— Armando Rodriguez, Rodriguez Window Co. www.rodwindows.com

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Nov. 2018
I attended the 32nd annual Fresno Home and Garden Show in March where I was a vendor of their Tiny House Village.  Laurie from Fresno Shows was fantastic to worth with.  The event was very well attended with thousands of  visitors from all over the state of CA.  I received lots of potential leads, as a matter of fact, my phone is still ringing from attendees from the show and my presence on Fresno  Shows website.  I am excited to be participating once again in Fresno Shows Tiny House Expo in November.

-Andrew from Seabreeze Tiny Homes

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November 2018

“It was so good to finally meet you and your staff.  I was very impressed with the friendliness, professionalism and knowledge of your staff — you are all to be commended for attention to detail that produce a first class show.

The event was very successful — I talked with many people that were pleased, not only with the exhibits, but with the workshops.  There is a lot of interest in tiny houses and folks have many questions — your event helped educate and enlighten.

Thank you for your kind invitation to speak — I was very pleased with the turnout, the participation and excellent questions from those that attended.  If you do this again in the fall, please do not hesitate to contact me not only to participate but maybe give you some ideas of additional speakers and exhibitors.””

— Daniel R. Fitzpatrick Director of Government Relations and Advocacy American Tiny House Association

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Exhibiting at the Fresno Home Show this Fall was one of the best promotion activities we did this year. The show is very well attended and people were genuinely surprised but happy to see craft spirits at the show. We had great interaction with consumers for up and down the valley as well as made some new connections with fellow exhibitors. The added bonus was having a catering company able to create and serve drinks to paying customers using our spirits. Allowed consumers to not only sample but actually enjoy a craft cocktail. Look forward to the Spring Show.

- 1/8/19

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