We are delighted to welcome some of the Valley's most popular gourmet foods and fair food companies back to our Fall event. This means your selection of healthy, delicious and organic food has been expanded.  Lots of seating and tables available in the Education Bldg. Be sure to taste the deliciousness while at the show!

Skylake Ranch - Produced from the family’s pomegranate farm in Chico, Skylake Ranch will bring you the unique and  extraordinary flavors of their sauces, marinades, jellies and balsamics. Stop by their booth in Building 1, say Hi to owner Chris Brown and get a scrumptious sample!

Hinkle’s Honey - Raw honey right from the beekeeper - that’s Hinkle’s Honey! Hinkle’s Honey offers a delicious blend of different nectars right from the hive-never superheated, filtered or strained-just “Precious Gold Hinkle’s Honey”. Get your fresh honey at Hinkle’s in the “Vintage Market” located on the covered patio - you might even see a real hive!

Brown’s English Toffee - Perfect for gatherings and gift giving - give Brown’s English Toffee this holiday season! Excite your sweet tooth with delectable English toffee (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate), Celtic Candy, Sugar-free candies and other treats! Stop by their booth in the “Vintage Market” and get a sample.

p.o.p. candy is incredibly buttery, toasty toffee in sweet and savory flavors. p.o.p. candy's fresh nuts, excellent spices, farmer's market herbs & fruits, and all-natural extracts are combined and cooked into each batch so that each flavor is incredible and no two flavors are the same. Handmade with, no corn syrup, no soy, no peanuts p.o.p. candy always uses the highest quality ingredients, and we source local ingredients whenever possible.